I love New York.: I typed this movie's name wrong ,but I don't feel I'm wrong when I had watched it.

Ok, before someone read what I have type after this, I have to told you before that I will told you for many things what happen in this movie,

 I’ll called that I have spoiled this movie that may be make you will less happy with this movies more than me so, let’s watched before reading and after this let’s discuss about or looking for somebody whose feel that this movies is very lovely and this is a good movies for me.

Actors: Natalie Portman, Shia LaBeouf, Blake Lively, Bradley Cooper, Ethan Hawke  

New York, I Love You [Blu-ray]

After Paris, Je T'aime (Paris je "Aime in the series that a city of love, success, t)" New York I Love You "by the same producers Manuel M. L. You and Bon BUSINESS Amarinr. Grafite Acid walking trail right behind.

Extend the same idea. But for a different flavor. While the previous films, because the content separated from each other clearly. But after the merger in a uniform, put the issue to connect with the unit. Although the situation is different in passing, caught by accident, "video of the photographer.

And make use of this method is very realistic. It is the background as the "New York".

New York, probably because the logo of the word. "City of dreams, hope and opportunity to" comment on the great

New York, I Love you are pulling this issue as a central point of the story. From both director and actor of consumption, but it's worth it, because they are almost all from other cities such as blood, Jiang Wen, Chun-Chi Electronic Kawai, E. Wong, ego million €, Natalie. Portman, John beat faster. Ah Kin, Orlando Bloom, Shu Qi, "for which this film is more than love online.

, They touch the lives of people of different cultures. He was on the same land in harmony. Through the interaction between the characters. With the Prom - Likit people in an atmosphere of time and place of the overlapping spectral

Opening with "Jiang Wen" which reflects the instincts of a defense when the find something new. Through the second cut to get around each other, among other fun things.

Little enthusiasm. The change is still in the works of the "miracle of Nancy" which creates the impression that arise from the conflict diamond traders saying that the chain and a woman with regard to the Jewish people. While the beauty of the diamond trade negotiations.

The central part of the film is directed especially sensitive to mild "Chun-Chi Electronic Kawai" to "Orlando Bloom", led us to smile with a blind date of his past works of art, literature and music, before meeting the 'love that smile Cynhey more about. 

"Wong E. ego million euro, with China's young women sup corner porch less generous hearty laughter rolling. Just like teenagers in love with the blessing of the" safe mineral Engenio Partners , a change that has become a laugh.

Paris, Je T'Aime (Paris, I Love You)New York, I Love You

The start pretty slowly curls. Exciting time for the next step. The sweetness comes through in a world that is sad and a radiant smile. 

Especially in the director and writer of "Natalie Port man," the attitude of the problems of the skin its color and relationships within the family have not lost interest rather Before concluding with a real director of New York, "said Joshua Mark Houston, "that makes all the love, on the basis of the difference. 

Drama in favor of ideology.


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