My unlike movies of last year: Drag me to hell.

Drag Me to Hell (Unrated Director's Cut) [Blu-ray]

At first I saw a traitor of Drag Me to Hell, which already seems to symptoms. Just read the article and then find out that director Sam Ramie in Evil Dead is still confused with is that "what you catch on it."

So I go searching the net. Then I need to scream out loud (in mind) that "Oooooooh this is the film that we used to love watching this guy."

Ask the story anyway. I do not remember now. But remember that when adults watch this movie together ran the children had to wait in hiding behind the couch to the ghost.
A visit again this would not be afraid now. But the impression I was in childhood.

Came to know this already. I also want to look a lot better. "

Back to about the same for Drag Me to Hell.

Kristine is an officer of the credit. He has a job, and you're good and love life, she is like other people. 
When the office of President is vacant. 
Would have to compete with their peers. 
(The boss is better than licking Cha) for self-promotion.

When the pressure is just that. You've heard about voice phone with his mother's boyfriend. 

The explicit expression for a worthy daughter of a family, not a small girl Christine. Pressure on university graduates has increased. 

To be recognized as the mother of her husband. She will be missed promotion is not already.

When the old woman asked for a waiver of forfeiture. She believes that this is a chance that you protect the interests of the bank.

 And the work he has to move positions. She does not approve the waiver, though.
Cut a woman on her knees and prayed to the matter. Old woman she very angry. She is cursed with a curse "Woman"; a demon drags you to hell.

Kristine and grandmother of Gypsies are victims of American capitalism. But the focus on money, but think of yourself. 

Forget the big-hearted and generous. When each partner has made it his own. And the consent of the parties cannot, finally, to come to me. All that just because I did a set.

The role of Christine reflects the life of an ordinary citizen. From rustic to come and work in town for a better life. 

Need to change the very nature of society. Will compete with colleagues to progress their career. It is acceptable to the people around you.
Pressure style is the same view; many people would have to do the same in real life. Create a mood with it is not difficult.

Character of the gypsy grandmother. Not invited to pity ago. Finally, we assume that the decision of course we would like Kristine.

Moderately and I know you must be punished, I think it's too hard or not.
Big enough to be more towards the middle of a feeling that Christine is the poor who are sick.

And we want to win for his escape from this curse to have.

And the last thing I want to say is I ‘m in a dark place I watch movies to make me felt better, don’t  watching to make me more weaker.

I want feel good movies, the movies which can make me smile give me try to live in the dark world, not this kind of movies.

Drag Me to Hell (Unrated Director's Cut) [Blu-ray]

Real-life stories of these situations, it is common to see. People attacked each other with the authority itself. This power is money; the pen is not important what is important to have power over anyone. BOT is enough power to achieve. Dying is the time to recover compound interest

See for we if we hate the neighbor to get help a lot. Help or not.
If the neighbor’s dog tug was turning in front of our house every day. One day, we took the dog to be towed home by accident or could not be rescued by a beautiful 5-free.

If you leave the dark side dominated. (Taken from the movie What We), even if only for a moment. You can destroy the future and life itself at all.

I believe, how can I do?

- Strong Girl does not be one size smaller impact cast long struggle, but a small wound. In the mouth a bit '. Free day next to the wound and then disappeared.

- Gypsy Grandma is just as strong dimension of being hit in the mouth pedal steel spring inserted through the windshield. But I still got to fight until the heroine has to overcome.

- The last scene in the train station with the avalanche of people, but there is only one hero to kill him.

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